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  1. When a script is running in a window created by another script, how can it refer back to the original window?

  1. JavaScript 1.1 and later include the window.opener property, which lets you refer to the window that opened the current window.

  1. I've heard about layers, which are similar to frames, but more versatile, and are supported in the latest browsers. Can I use them with JavaScript?

  1. Yes. You'll learn how to use layers with JavaScript in Hour 19, "Using Dynamic HTML (DHTML)."

  1. How can I update two frames at once when the user clicks on a single link?

  1. You can do this by using an event handler, as in Listing 11.6, and including two statements to load different frames. To simplify things, you can also create a function that loads both frames and then call the function from the event handler.

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