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Creating Project Templates in .NET

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Paul Kimmel demonstrates how to create custom project templates that jumpstart new projects in Visual Studio .NET. This technique saves time and gets new programmers up to speed on advanced techniques.
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To help you and other developers jumpstart projects, you can extend Visual Studio .NET by adding custom project templates. This article demonstrates how to create a project template with a custom attribute class library. A class library is simply a DLL, and custom attributes are classes that inherit from System.Attribute, allowing you to define additional metadata to incorporate into your .NET assemblies. (Metadata is information added to .NET assemblies to help mitigate "DLL Hell.") In this article, you'll learn a bit about creating custom attributes and how to create a project template.


For a complete discussion of creating custom attributes, see my book Visual Basic .NET Unleashed (Sams, 2002, ISBN 0-672-32234-X).

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