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  1. Now that I've learned how to install software, how do I uninstall it?

  1. To uninstall most software, simply locate the application file or folder and drag it to the Trash. Under Mac OS X, you should find most application folders in the systemwide Applications folder.

  2. One thing to note: There are programs that install invisible files elsewhere in your system. Hour 23, "Security Considerations," tells you how to find such files.

  1. I tried to drag a disk image to the Trash, but I get an error message saying the item is in use. What's going on?

  1. To eject a disk image from your computer, you can't be running the software contained on that disk.

  2. What has most likely occurred is that you didn't copy the contents of the disk image to your hard drive and are instead working off the disk image. To fix the problem, close the file, and then copy the disk image to the Mac OS X drive. Now the disk image should eject.

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