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  1. What functions could you use to add library code to the currently running script?

  2. What function would you use to find out whether a file is present on your file system?

  3. How would you determine the size of a file?

  4. What function would you use to open a file for reading or writing?

  5. What function would you use to read a line of data from a file?

  6. How can you tell when you have reached the end of a file?

  7. What function would you use to write a line of data to a file?

  8. How would you open a directory for reading?

  9. What function would you use to read the name of a directory item after you have opened a directory for reading?

Quiz Answers

  1. You can use the require() or include() statements to incorporate PHP files into the current document. You could also use include_once() or require_once().

  2. You can test for the existence of a file with the file_exists() function.

  3. The filesize() function returns a file's size in bytes.

  4. The fopen() function opens a file. It accepts the path to a file and a character representing the mode. It returns a file resource.

  5. The fgets() function reads data up to the buffer size you pass it, the end of the line, or the end of the document, whichever comes first.

  6. The feof() function returns true when the file resource it is passed has reached the end of the file.

  7. You can write data to a file with the fputs() function.

  8. The opendir() function enables you to open a directory for reading.

  9. The readdir() function returns the name of a directory item from an opened directory.


  1. Create a form that accepts a user's first and second name. Create a script that saves this data to a file.

  2. Create a script that reads the data file you created in activity 1. As well as writing its contents to the browser (adding a <BR> tag to each line), print a summary that includes the number of lines in the file and the file's size.

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