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In this hour, you've been introduced to both simple data binding and complex data binding principles. Hopefully the brief discussion of different data binding scenarios has provided you with enough direction on what type to use based on the requirements that you are facing. Keep in mind that there are many subtleties between what you would code when developing Windows Forms control classes and what you would code for WEB.UI control classes. And, you have also seen the different properties and methods that must be used depending on whether you are doing TextBox controls, ListBox controls, or DataGrid controls. The good news is that they all follow nearly the same approach; just vary the method names or property names a bit. The two coding examples were chosen because they reflect typical coding problems that you will see over and over in the real world. There are many more things to discuss within the subject of data bindings related to some WEB.UI controls like Repeater classes and others, but they are a bit advanced for the one-hour lesson this chapter should provide.

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