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This chapter is from the book


This workshop tests whether you understand all the concepts you learned today. It is very helpful to know and understand the answers before starting tomorrow's lesson.


  1. What variable does XP use to control the project?

  2. How does XP handle the risk of schedule slippage?

    1. Enables the customer to change deadlines as the need arises.

    2. Deadlines are not managed in the normal way, so this is not an issue.

    3. Development continues with small releases to the customer; therefore, any change is exposed quickly.

    4. By use of the XP practices of Pair Programming and refactoring.

  3. What is the effect of flattening the cost of development?


  1. Scope. The cost, quality, and time are fixed allowing scope to change.

  2. c.

  3. Decisions can be postponed until they are needed. Development can begin quickly and developers can work at top-speed.


  1. Review one of the project failures covered in this hour and investigate how XP practices might have been applied. Consider whether using XP would have averted, or at least mitigated, the failure.

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