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Take a few moments to tackle this short quiz on file formats and opening/saving files, and then work on the activities for extra credit.


  1. GIF stands for ____________.

    1. Good Information Format

    2. Government Image Files

    3. Graphics Interchange Format

    4. Genie Image Format

  2. When you select Save a Copy in the Save As box, you save a closed copy of the current image.

    1. True

    2. False

  3. If you open a file with a transparent background, you'll see ____________.

    1. Nothing

    2. Your desktop

    3. checkerboard pattern

    4. plain white page

Quiz Answers

  1. c. The format was developed for CompuServe users.

  2. a. True. The file will have the word copy appended to its name.

  3. c. It's normally gray, but you can change it in Preferences.


Using the File Browser, find a half dozen pictures you like. Move them into a separate folder and turn them into a PDF slideshow.

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