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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Predefined Properties

As you've seen already, the property task sets properties that can be referenced later. Ant provides a handful of predefined properties as well as making all the standard Java system properties available. The five Ant-defined properties are

  • basedir—The value that you set in the basedir attribute of the project tag

  • ant.file—The full path name of the build file being executed

  • ant.version—The version of the currently executing Ant instance

  • ant.project.name—The value from the name attribute of the project tag

  • ant.java.version—The version of the Java VM that Ant detected at runtime

You can access any of these properties from your own targets. For example, if you wanted to name a JAR file with the same name as the project, you could write a property as shown in Listing 3.76.

Listing 3.76 Referencing a Predefined Property

<property name="jar.name" value="${ant.project.name}.jar"/>

Similarly, you can get to any property that would be returned by a call to System.getProperties() in your Java code. Some of these properties include:

  • os.name—The operating system Ant is running on

  • os.version—The version of the current operating system

  • java.class.path—The classpath Ant is using

  • user.home—The current user's home directory

Many more system properties are available. Consult the JavaDoc for java.lang.System.getProperties() for the full list.

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