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This chapter is from the book


This workshop tests whether you understand all the concepts you learned today. It is very helpful to know and understand the answers before starting tomorrow's lesson. You can find the answers to the quiz questions in Appendix A.


  1. Can you trace the development of JSP from HTML pages as you saw today? Knowing this history will help explain a great deal when it comes to working with servlets later in the book.

  2. What are the four different types of JSP elements discussed today?

  3. How many different types of scripting elements are there in JSP? What are they?

  4. What are the tags you use for the three different types of JSP scripting elements?

  5. What are the three JSP directive types?


  1. Take a look at the JSP resources given in the topic "Online JSP Resources" and either bookmark or download your favorites. Compiling a list of ready resources like that can be a big help in your JSP development. You might even want to try a few of the JSP tutorials.

  2. Use the JSP expression <%= new java.util.Date() %> in a welcome message in a new JSP page. This expression will insert the current date and time, permitting you to customize your welcome page.

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