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DMAX extracts the highest value that meets the specified criteria.


The DMAX function looks up the highest value in a range or database. The database is the cell reference range or named range of the database; and the field is referenced as the column number from left to right. The criteria is a range that is referenced and the function operates from the parameters set. The field can also be a cell reference. For example, notice the formula in Figure 3.4 that references the column heading Minnesota in cell F23. The criteria looks up the highest temperature less than 20 degrees. If you type a new column heading in the cell reference F23, the DMAX formula responds. The cell reference could be Minnesota or 1, meaning column one of the database, either way works. You can use cell references for the field in all Database functions. When you look at the figure, you'll notice that Minnesota in cell F23 is not case sensitive, however, the criteria headings are.

Figure 3.4 The DMAX function finds the maximum value in a database range with criteria or parameters.

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