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DGET returns a single value that meets the specified criteria.


The DGET function extracts a number within a database at two intersecting points. For example, if you have rate tables used in conjunction with a financial model, the DGET function can be used to apply rates based on the criteria in the criteria range. The database is the cell reference range or named range of the database; and the field is referenced as the column number from left to right. The criteria is a range that is referenced and the function operates from the parameters set. Notice the example in Figure 3.3, the DGET formula looks up the field or Rate 2, and applies the criteria in B15:F16 to lookup Product C. Please note that if more than one value meets the specified criteria, DGET returns a #NUM! error.

Figure 3.3 The DGET function finds a number at two intersecting points.

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