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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Step 7: Deploying the CMP 2.0 Entity Bean Sample Application

We're ready to deploy the sample application, now that we've packaged the EJB and Web components into a deployable CMP20App.ear file.

  1. Select the CMP20App icon and select Tools|Deploy to bring up the Deploy window. Select CMP20App under Object to Deploy; enter localhost under Target Server; and check Save Object Before Deploying (see Figure 11-24). Click Next.

    Figure 11-24Figure 11-24 Deploying the application

  2. Verify that the JNDI names are correctly set, as shown in Figure 11-25. Click Next.

    Figure 11-25Figure 11-25 Verifying the JNDI names

  3. Under the ContextRoot column in the pop-up window, enter /cmp3 and then click Finish. The Deployment Progress window message appears. If deployment is successful, the message changes to Deployment of CMP20App is Complete. Click OK. (See the Appendix to this book for a description of possible common errors and how to fix them.)

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