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  1. To open a file named data for writing, you should use which of the following:

    1. open(FH, "data", write);

    2. open(FH, "data"); and simply print to FH

    3. open(FH, ">data") || die "Cannot open data: $!";

  2. (-M $file > 1 and -s $file) is true if

    1. $file has been modified more than one day ago and has data.

    2. That expression cannot be true.

    3. $file is writeable and has no data.


  1. c. Choice a is false because this is not how open opens a file for writing; b is false because it opens the filehandle only for reading. Choice c is true because it does what is asked—and uses good form by checking for errors.

  2. a. –M returns the number of days old a file is (>1 is more than 1 day), and –s returns true if the file has data in it.


  • Modify the Hangman program from Hour 4, "Stacking Building Blocks: Lists and Arrays," to take the list of possible words from a data file.

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