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Building the Service

Now that you have entered all of the code for your service, you need to build the executable version of your code. Visual Studio will compile your code into a series of asmx files, one for each service in your project, and a Global.asax file for the Global Class in your service.

To build the project, type Ctrl+Shift+B or select Build under Build on the menu bar. If you typed everything correctly, the build should run smoothly and you should not receive any error messages. If you do receive error messages, carefully compare your code with that in Listing 7.4 and make sure that they match exactly. We will cover debugging XML Web services in Hour 20.

Build Versus Rebuild

You may have noticed that the Build menu contains Build and Rebuild, and you may wonder what the difference is. For the purposes of an XML Web service, Build is used to compile only services and classes that have changed since the last time that you built the project. This is useful in keeping the compile time down on large projects that contain many services.

Rebuild is used when you want to force the entire project to be rebuilt. Rebuild forces the building of services and classes that have not been modified since the previous build.

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