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Summary: Trust and Trusted Platforms

The concept of trust in computing involves myriad issues, all of which are important for business. TCPA has taken the approach of addressing the issue of trust (confidence) for businesses rather than just trying to improve the level of information security per se, although security improvements do form part of the solution. Trust is a fundamental concept in the business world, and information security is an important—even vital—enabler.

A genuine Trusted (Computing) Platform is a platform that's trusted by local users and remote entities, including users, software, web sites, and all third parties. To enable you to trust a computing platform, a trusted relationship must be built between you and your computing platform that can tell you that an expected boot process, a selected operating system, and a set of selected security functions in the computing platform have been properly installed and operate correctly. You then make your own judgment as to whether you trust the boot processing, operating system, and security functions. By using your trusted PDA or smart card, you can also check out computers that you think might be untrustworthy or that you haven't used before.

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