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  • Attribute—Used to identify logical groupings in the iwtGateway XML tagged text that maps directly to LDAP entries after the component containing the attributes is imported using the ipsadmin command.

  • CSS—Stands for cascading style sheets. Used for styling purposes in HTML and XML.

  • DMZ—Stands for demilitarized zone. A network term indicating the space behind a packet filtering firewall and outside of the corporate firewall.

  • DTD—Stands for document type definition. A document containing the declaration of tag names and attributes that can be used by an accompanying XML file.

  • Left side—Stands for left-hand side, and indicates the left-most portion of the assignment operator (=).

  • Out-of-box—Refers to a general software configuration that has just been installed using the installer defaults or the state of the system just following installation with no customizations having been made.

  • PCDATA—Stands for parsed character data. PCDATA represents text that does not contain special characters such as quotes, <, and >, referred to as markup.

  • Raw URL—Refers to any string, string literal, or string object that by itself is clearly identifiable from a syntax perspective as being a URL. Strings that begin with a protocol identifier or prepended path information are usually raw URLs.

  • Rewriter—Refers to a logical unit of the Portal Server gateway that is responsible for the translation of URLs so that all browser requests for Intranet content go through the gateway, rather than attempting to contact the Intranet content server directly.

  • Right side—Stands for right-hand side, and indicates the right-most portion of the assignment operator (=).

  • Rule set—Refers to all of the gateway profile attributes and their values that are related to URL rewriting.

  • Section—Refers to the name in the gateway profile Administration page that maps to the corresponding profile attribute description field. A section name might be Rewrite JavaScript Variables in URLs.

  • SRAP—Stands for Secure Remote Access Pack. In the 3.0 SP version of the product, SRAP is used interchangeably with the term gateway component.

  • XML—Stands for Xtensible Markup Language. Offers users a way to define and control how to render their own tag set.

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