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Business Relationship Management

This process aims to act as a liaison between IT operations and customers, providing the contact point for service-level administration, services marketing, customer satisfaction, and ongoing customer communications.



Interact with customers regarding questions/problems/requirements

Define tenets of service-level agreements

Translate business needs into IT support service fulfillment

Perform regular customer satisfaction reviews

Tie customer satisfaction to IT planning activities

Identify IT priorities based on customer feedback

Monitor results of help-desk support

Define processes and procedures for business relationship management

Strong communications skills

Ability to address both IT and business issues


Automation Technology

Business relationship manager

Business/IT liaison

Customer account representative

Service level management/reporting tools

Customer satisfaction survey "application"

Automated project/plan management tools

Best Practices


Identify primary point of contact for customers

Business relationship manager is clearly accountable for customer satisfaction

Business relationship manager participates in IT/business planning processes

Process for improving customer service is iterative

Business relationship manager identifies new and improved services to customers

Customer satisfaction survey results

Service-level attainment

Cost versus value comparisons for IT services

Process Integration


No Items

Business relationship manager plays a leading role in IT project prioritization

Business relationship manager oversees help-desk service and results

Business relationship manager defines new customer-oriented metrics for measuring improvement

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