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Application Optimization

This process seeks to enhance application efficiency and performance while minimizing cost. For new applications, it seeks enforcement of the tenets of the production-acceptance process and assurance that customer service expectations are met in these areas: operational procedures, run-time improvement, connectivity and middleware optimization, and tuning of internal logic.



Train entry-level personnel

Define standards for applications

Tune job control language and programs

Write recommendations to application owners

Ensure compliance with production acceptance processes

Expertise in using various application-tuning tools

Expert knowledge of JCL, scripts, processes and their optimization

Familiarity with the performance characteristics of storage media

Working knowledge of change, ADLC and SCM processes, common programming languages (Cobol, C, C++, Fortran, and Java) and environments, e.g., Visual Studio.NET

Good communications skills

Working knowledge of business processes and application flow


Automation Technology

Quality control specialist

Production coordinator

Tuning specialist

Tuning tools (such as Strobe, TSA/PPE, Architeck)

JCL generation and optimization tools

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