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Quality Assurance

This process aims to establish, support, and enforce corporate quality standards associated with every process in the company. It is deeply involved with acceptance testing, and it performs audits of applications, infrastructure, and life-cycle procedures. It also tracks trending of tolerance levels for operations.



Evaluate company processes for efficiency, practicability, and so on

Improve IT processes

Support IT people in each process

Evaluate workloads for production readiness

Ensure appropriate testing/documentation prior to production release

Define quality-assurance processes for testing

Assess completeness of testing (both logic testing and the appropriateness of the test bed)

Expertise in using:

– Simulation tools

– Quality-assurance tools

– Life-cycle tools and processes

– Trending tools

Understanding of application system flow, including all aspects of input, output, and cross-application dependencies

Familiarity with all corporate standards for quality assurance

Development of new quality assurance standards for "new age" workloads


Automation Technology


QA specialist

Production coordinator

LOB liaison

QA tools

Best Practices


Use of interactive tools that enable customers to participate directly in quality-assurance efforts

Periodic reporting and enforcement of level of compliance

Use of quality-assessment information to improve performance of application and infrastructure teams

Cost of quality (and non-quality)

Customer satisfaction

Number of failed processes

Percent of jobs adhering to quality-assurance policies/standards

Number of defects in applications that were compliant with quality- assurance principles

Number of emergency quality-assurance review processes

Average time to respond to new requests

Number of jobs and processes per analyst

Process Integration


All processes

QA integrated across all centers of excellence

Automated tools for risk/complexity analysis

Defect discovery

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