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Physical Database Management

This process aims to manage the physical design, integrity, performance, and access to corporate database systems. It assists customers with implementation of database redesign, optimization, and recovery activities.



Utilize database management software tools

Utilities to extract, duplicate, and back up databases

Define and enforce standards around database design/usage

Support ad hoc requests for temporary databases

Understand physical characteristics of the major database vendors

Knowledgeable about the redesign, optimization, and recovery of database elements


Automation Technology

Storage administrators

Storage management specialists

Database specialist

Database management software

Support utilities for reorganization, data-set extraction, backup, and so forth

Best Practices


Use of a common organization and management process for all enterprise databases

Proactive monitoring of databases for optimization

Interface with Disk Storage Management process to ensure appropriate media selection and caching approach

Achieving appropriate availability for production databases

Cost/MB of database data

Database availability

Response time

Mean time to recovery

Process Integration


Disk management

Self-analyzing database design software

Tighter integration of databases and storage subsystems

Policy-based management software

Mirroring/vaulting technologies for continuous operations

Better understanding of responsibilities for shared data among businesses

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