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Performance Management

The aim of this process is to manage and maintain end-to-end performance for all workloads and environments.



Analyze performance of IT systems, storage, and networks

Define processes and procedures for performance management

Define thresholds and rules of thumb for optimal performance

Knowledge of all application processes and relationships

Ability to utilize performance tools

Understand performance of infrastructure components

Ability to adjust tuning parameters within each environment


Automation Technology

Performance analyst

Systems tuning specialist

Network optimization specialist

Performance-monitoring tools

Application-modeling tools

Performance diagnostic tools

All major operating systems, databases, transaction-processing subsystems, and hardware assist features (such as caching)

Best Practices


Use of a common organization and performance-management process for all enterprise environments

Development and maintenance of a mapping of business systems to performance patterns, using the following categories (patterns):

– Systems requiring sub-second transaction response time

– Collaborative systems

– Decision-support systems

– Systems supporting remote users

– Batch operations

Integration of performance management with production acceptance process

Use of policy-based objectives in the form of:

– Workload managers

– Service-level agreements

Consistent and repeatable:

– CPU service times

– Response times

– Batch turnaround

– Decision-support systems/database applications response times

Continuous improvement in achieving performance service levels

Continuous improvement in performance processes

Process Integration


Capacity planning

Problem management

Dynamic (self-analyzing) tuning by application and cross-environments

Simulation/modeling of performance expectations for each of the seven patterns

Predictive performance problem identification

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