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Contractor Management

This process manages the activities and deliverables of all IT vendors as they relate to products and services. It is similar to the functions of a business relationship manager, but is directed toward vendors to the IT organization.



Coordinate activities with internal IT groups

Define communications channels for each contractor

Define processes/procedures for contractor management

Eliminate unnecessary processes put in place by vendors

Determine appropriate level of vendor involvement in IT projects

Understanding of vendors and vendor deliverables

Ability to manage projects with minimal supervision

Ability to optimize added value from vendors/contractors


Automation Technology

Vendor specialist

Relationship managers

Project coordinator/manager

Hardware/software specialist

Service delivery manager

Extensions to various asset-management tools

Miscellaneous project-management tools

Excel spreadsheets

Best Practices


Use of a single approach and process for all vendors and contractors

Use of work statements and other communication to define the role of contractors accurately

Number of contracts/staff

Number of projects/staff

Project results (number of errors, delays)

Process Integration


No Items

Highly automated process for dealing with contractors (similar to internal management processes)

Defined processes for vendor interaction within IT

Establishment of vendor risk/reward for each major activity

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