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Crossing the Chasm: A Framework to Connect IT to Desired Business Outcomes

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Once we understand how IT investments contribute to the business and its objectives, the Mozart Unification Framework™ can help link business, services, and information technology to achieve these desired business outcomes. Get an overview of the framework in this piece; later articles will provide more details.
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Introduction: The Three-Dimensional Framework of IT

There persists today a great chasm between the "business" and our industry, Information Technology (IT).

—Harris Kern's Enterprise Computing Institute

Despite all the attention given to return on IT investments, little progress has been made in linking all the elements of IT to what the business is trying to do. Managing IT investments and demonstrating IT's value to the business are more challenging than ever, and most businesses seem to be losing ground.

Our previous article in this series, "The Challenge to CIOs: 'Clearly Demonstrate Your Value!'" outlined the key challenges surrounding IT executives. We underscored the importance of CIOs understanding how IT investments truly contribute to the business and what it wants to accomplish. In this article, we describe a three-dimensional framework that links business, services, and information technology to achieve desired business outcomes.

This framework establishes a formal mechanism to link what the business wants to accomplish with the ability of IT to create, enable, and support opportunities to achieve those outcomes. It provides CIOs with an end-to-end view that connects the fundamental elements of business, services, and IT. This leads to business and IT services that are better, simpler, faster, more reliable, and more secure, and that drive business growth.

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