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Enabling SSL for the Sun ONE Directory Server Software

To Enable SSL for LDAP Queries

  1. Double-click the Sun ONE Directory Server software (in this example it is named sunshine).

    The Sun ONE Directory Server software interface shows up.

  2. Select Configuration.

  3. Select Encryption.

  4. Check Enable SSL for this server.

  5. Choose RSA cipher family by clicking the corresponding checkbox.

  6. Select a certificate.

    If there is no certificate to select, something went wrong while installing the SSL server certificate. If this happens, check the file permissions.

  7. Set 636 as the default LDAP/SSL (LDAPS) port.

  8. Enable Do not allow client authentication in a first step.


    Do not restart the server from the Sun ONE console but from the Solaris OE shell, in order to avoid password file problems.

  9. Restart the server in order to start the LDAP/SSL (LDAPS) service.

    bash-2.03# pwd
    bash-2.03# ./stop-slapd
    bash-2.03# ./start-slapd
    Enter PIN for Internal (Software) Token: manager1
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