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3.8 Jini Technology Matters in Small Devices

Once the base of Java technology is established, the next logical layer on small devices is Jini technology. The advantages of having Jini technology on top of Java technology for small devices can be summarized as follows:

  • Installation: One infrastructure is used to accommodate unforeseen change.

  • Network administration: Simple or nonexistent administration happens across the network.

  • Edges of the network: The devices on a network are seamlessly able to adapt to change.

  • Uniform communications model: All devices and services standardize on using Java and Jini technologies as the means for communication.

  • Not specifically for embedded devices: Jini technology is not designed specifically for small devices; however, full Jini technology-enabled devices are enabled by J2ME technology.

  • Broadly applicable: Applications can span from devices to enterprise systems.

  • Originally for the office environment: Although Jini technology was originally designed for the office environment, it now can also be applied to wireless devices in offices.

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