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Role of ANSI and Key Standards documents

Today, ANSI coordinates and approves the SONET standards. The standards are developed by the T1 committee. T1X1 and T1M1 are the primary T1 Technical Subcommittees responsible for SONET. T1X1 deals with the digital hierarchy (shown in Figure 1–5) and synchronization. T1M1 deals with internetworking operations, administration, maintenance, and provisioning (OAM&P). Listed below are some of the most commonly cited SONET standards available from ANSI.3

  • ANSI T1.105: SONET—Basic Description including Multiplex Structure, Rates and Formats

  • ANSI T1.105.01: SONET—Automatic Protection Switching

  • ANSI T1.105.02: SONET—Payload Mappings

  • ANSI T1.105.03: SONET—Jitter at Network Interfaces

  • ANSI T1.105.03a: SONET—Jitter at Network Interfaces – DS1 Supplement

  • ANSI T1.105.03b: SONET—Jitter at Network Interfaces – DS3 Wander Supplement

  • ANSI T1.105.04: SONET—Data Communication Channel Protocol and Architectures

  • ANSI T1.105.05: SONET—Tandem Connection Maintenance

  • ANSI T1.105.06: SONET—Physical Layer Specifications

  • ANSI T1.105.07: SONET—Sub-STS-1 Interface Rates and Formats Specification

  • ANSI T1.105.09: SONET—Network Element Timing and Synchronization

  • ANSI T1.119: SONET—OAM&P, Communications

  • ANSI T1.119.01: SONET: OAM&P, Communications, and Protection Switching Fragment

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