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The following phrases are used in the document.

  • Application server

    The server that runs the application whose data is going to be backed up.

  • Bitmap volume

    The bitmap volume is a volume or physical disk partition used by the Instant Image software to maintain the current state of the data between the master and shadow volumes.

  • Deporting the shadow volume

    The shadow volume is deported by using the export, import, and join functions. This is the process by which an Instant Image software point-in-time (PIT) can be moved around the SAN. The procedure involves exporting the snapshot from the application server, importing it to the second server, then merging the master and shadow bitmaps together. This is called a join function.

  • Independent copy

    A completed independent copy is an identical copy of the master volume (that is, a copy of the master volume when the snapshot was taken) stored on the shadow volume. After it is initiated, an independent Instant Image software operation starts a block copy operation from the master volume to the shadow volume as a background process. After the process has completed, the independent PIT can be exported to another Solaris_ Operating Environment (Solaris OE) server.

  • Master volume

    The master volume is a physical disk device or logical volume that contains the original information for a particular application or suite of applications.

  • Shadow volume

    The shadow volume is a physical disk device or logical volume that contains the changed point-in-time data or full image of the original master volume.

  • Volume pair

    A volume pair consists of the master volume and its related shadow volume. Each volume pair is supported by one bitmap volume. You can create as many volume pairs as necessary. The Instant Image software is limited only by the amount of available storage.

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