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Task 2: How to Personalize a Web Portal

After you have established an account on a portal such as Yahoo!, you can personalize the site to focus on the news and services you are most interested in. For each selected topic, information will be displayed on a page created for your account. You also can add hyperlinks, check local weather and travel information, read your e-mail, track stocks, and search for Web sites.

Load Your Portal Home Page

Yahoo! stores your username and other settings in a cookie—a special browser file stored on your computer. Sites can read cookies they have created, which enables a service such as My Yahoo! to recognize who you are when you visit by entering http://my.yahoo.com in your browser's Address bar and pressing Enter.

Figure 3.7

Edit a Subject Area

My Yahoo! groups information into topics such as health, weather, and technology. Many subjects have an Edit button next to the topic heading. Click a topic's Edit button to customize how it is presented (such as one next to Portfolios to track stocks).

Figure 3.8

Customize a Topic

You can customize the Portfolios topic of My Yahoo! to track any stock you want. Click the Create New Portfolio button. The Edit Portfolios page opens. Use it to name your portfolio and enter the ticker symbols of each stock you are interested in.

Figure 3.9

Make Your Changes Permanent

In the Symbols text box, type the ticker symbols of each stock you want to track—putting a space between each symbol. Click the Finished button to save the changes you've made, then click Finished on the Edit Portfolios page. Your custom portal page will load using your newly personalized settings.

Figure 3.10

Delete a Subject

If you're not interested in a topic on your My Yahoo! page, click the ¥ button adjacent to the topic heading. You'll be asked on another page to confirm the deletion by clicking the Yes hyperlink.

Figure 3.11

Add a Subject

To add subjects to My Yahoo!, scroll down to the Personalize This Page heading. Pull down the left or right drop-down menu to the subject you want to add, then click the corresponding Add button.

Figure 3.12

Choose New Content

To add or remove multiple topics, click the Content button to see a checklist of all available topics. Enable the check box next to each topic you want to add, and disable the check boxes of all the topics you want to omit. Click the Finished button when you're done.

Figure 3.13

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