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The Document Window and Its Tabs

Open the empty page that you created named about.html by double-clicking its icon in the Files list. You will see a series of tabs across the top of the window; a little triangle and a Page icon at the top left and a pop-up list at the bottom right. The opened page itself in Layout mode is what we refer to as the Document window (see Figure 3.3).

Figure 3.3 The Document window.

The tabs across the top of the page are used to switch between viewing and editing modes. They are

  • Layout—Also known as WYSIWYG (pronounced whizzy-wig) mode, which stands for "What You See Is What You Get." Layout is the visual mode that works like a page layout program. You drag images onto the page, type text, and use GoLive grids, tables, and floating boxes to position elements exactly the way you like them.

  • Frames—Frames mode enables you to drag and drop ready-made frame sets (represented by icons) from the Frames tab or Objects palette into the Frame Editor. For more on using frames, please refer to Hour 11, "Designing Pages with Frames."

  • Source—This is where the HTML code is actually generated. This mode is fully editable, and changes made here are reflected in the other modes. For more on editing pages in the Source mode, please read Hour 21, "Working with Source Code in GoLive."

  • Outline—Another unique and powerful way to edit your page is by using the Outline mode. The HTML tags are arranged in groups, each with a pop-up list of the attributes available for it from which you can choose. This is very handy for more advanced users who are familiar with HTML. For more on editing pages in the Outline mode, please read Hour 21.

  • Preview—Clicking this tab hides the grids, tables, floating boxes, and so on that you have used to place objects on your page, thus allowing you to better see what your Web page will look like in a browser.

  • Frame Preview (Mac only)—This mode enables you to preview frame sets. (Windows users can preview frame sets in Preview mode.)


GoLive enables you to choose the mode in which you prefer to have pages open through a setting in the preferences. By default, pages open in Layout mode. To change this, select Edit, Preferences from the menu, and then under General, select a new default mode from the pop-up list.

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