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Working with Folders

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Task 16: Changing the Folder Options

  1. Click Tools and select the Folder Options command.

  2. To use Windows classic folders (like previous versions of Windows), click Use Windows classic folders.

  3. To open a folder in separate windows, click Open each folder in its own window.

  4. By default, Windows opens each new folder or drive in the same window, replacing the contents of the current window with the one you open. To open a folder or drive, you double-click. You can change these and other folder options. For instance, you can choose to single-click an icon to open it, similar to clicking links on a Web page.

    Go Back to Original Settings

    To go back to the original settings, select Tools, Folder Options, and then click the Restore Defaults button. Then click OK.

  5. To single-click rather than double-click to open an item, select Single-click to open an item.

  6. Click the OK button.

  7. The folder is displayed with the options you selected. Here you see Windows classic folders with single-clicking.


If you select Single-click to open an item, the contents of the window are displayed as links. Single-click any item to display its contents.

Other Tabs

You can use the other tabs in this dialog box to set more complex view options (View tab) and to view the list of recognized file types and their associated programs (File Types). See Part 4 for more information on file types.

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