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Using Video

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Step back and remember the definition of video: synchronized images and sound. Some messages are simply best suited for video. In my mind, only video reveals the personality of a subject. Also, when a demonstration is needed, there's just nothing like a video. Because the majority of this chapter dealt with the limiting factors for video, don't be afraid to use video when appropriate. The "price" (extra work on your part and extra download time for the user) can definitely be worth it when necessary.

When you import a source digital video file, Flash uses Spark compression to make the file smaller. You can make the file even smaller (but usually with lower quality) by changing the compression settings. The Spark decompression technology is used in the Flash player when the user watches your movie.

Using the video in your movie is slightly restrictive because you need to treat the video like a stream sound and graphic symbol. That is, a video clip needs space in the timeline (depending on the video's duration).

This hour, you got to see all the standard compression settings available in Flash. Also, you got a quick look at Sorenson Squeeze with Spark Pro that gives you even more compression fine-tuning.

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