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On Your Own

Try using the Active Desktop features to enhance your productivity. For example, try placing your favorite Web page on the desktop for a week to see how this feature works. You also might want to try creating one or more toolbars to consolidate the icons that are on your desktop.

Open Explorer and check out each of the special sections discussed in this chapter. Try to identify each section and its purpose without referring back to this book. Examine some of the unique capabilities provided by your machine. For example, see if Windows XP provides special file associations you didn't know about.

Spend some time customizing your desktop for optimum efficiency. See which wallpapers or other aesthetics you can change. Try out the screen saver options.

Learn how to organize your data using a datacentric approach. Set up project folders and use them to manage the data objects required for your business. Try using different techniques to move data. Create a shortcut to the Startup folder on your Desktop so that you set up Windows to open your projects automatically

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