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Shared Space Members

The member panel on the left in the Groove window shows a list of the members in your space and provides status information on all of them. Figure 3.5 shows a sample member panel from another space.

Figure 3.5 The member panel.

The larger double circle (yellow and green on your screen) indicates that a member is online and running Groove, and is currently active in Invitation Space. If you hover your mouse over this icon, you see a message that reads Active in this shared space. If you hover your mouse over the invitee's name, you see a message similar to this:

(Invitee) Role: Manager is viewing the following tool(s): Discussion

The same icon with an offset clock face indicates a member who is online and running Groove, is in Invitation Space, but has been idle for more than 15 minutes. Hovering over this icon, you see the message similar to Idle for 1 hour and 22 minutes.

The smaller icon (solid green on your screen) indicates a member who is online and running Groove but does not currently have this shared space open. Over the icon, the hover message reads Online, but not in this shared space. Hovering over the name shows the member's name and role.

The square (gray) box icon indicates a member who is offline. The member may actually be disconnected from the Internet, may have chosen the Work Offline menu selection from the Groove icon in the system tray, or may have unchecked Show Your Online Presence to All Groove Users in Your Shared Spaces in My Account. The member also may not be running Groove.

A suspended member is one whose computer is no longer synchronized to the shared space data due to several weeks of inactivity in the space. The member needs to be re-invited if he or she is to participate in this space again.

You can also see the presence of members in the shared space tool tabs, and from the vCard. If you put your mouse over any tool tab that indicates it has members present, you get a status message that looks like this:

Discussion members:
(invitee 1)
(invitee 2)

Finally, as you may remember seeing when we were discussing the Groove.net directory, a member's vCard (which can be accessed by double-clicking the member's name in the member panel) has a status line that tells whether a member is online. If the member is online, the status line tells the space in which he or she is active.

As with notifications, you will come to appreciate the wealth of information on member presence. When you enter a meeting in a face-to-face collaborative situation, you can easily tell who is there and who isn't. You can tell who is on the same page and who is distracted. Presence information is Groove's way of trying to give you the same feedback.

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