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Programs Options

This tab under ICF setting provides a user with the ability to allow designated programs to communicate through the firewall protection. Accounting programs, games, and any other internet based program will require an entry specifically defining the server port, client port range, and protocol that the program will use. This information can usually be obtained by reading the manual or contacting the company responsible for the software. In addition, newsgroups on http://groups.google.com can assist you in determining the settings required for the less documented programs.

Figure 5-8Figure 5-8 Program Options for the ICF

While similar to the Services option in the ICF, the program option takes the ability to allow incoming requests for information one step further. Without this option, services could not work properly if installed on a computer inside the network. In fact, the Services used to pass through the ICF often require multiple ports to continue a session with a remote computer. This is to reduce the load on the one port defined by the Session definition and to instead pass the session to another port that can continue to accept data from a remote computer. For example, a Proxy Server typically receives the initial request for web data on port 80 from a computer on the network and then passes the request to the destination on the Internet on a different port (i.e. 1032). The proxy server then accepts data back from the Internet on this port and passes it on to the requesting computer.

Adding a Program

To set up and use the Program options built into the ICF, perform the following instructions:

  1. Right click on Network Neighborhood and click on Properties

  2. Right click the connection using the ICF and select Properties

  3. Click on the Advanced tab and choose Settings

  4. Click the Program tab

  5. Click Add

  6. Enter name of program under Description of program running on your network:

  7. Enter program port number under Internet server port number:

  8. Enter the ports that the server should use to listen for responses from the Internet under the appropriate protocol (TCP, UDP) selection.

  9. Click OK, OK, and OK again to exit back to Network Neighborhood

Figure 5-9Figure 5-9 Adding Program to ICF

Editing and Deleting a Program

In the case that a Program need to be deleted or to have its settings adjusted, the user can follow the instructions given under Adding a Program. However, instead of choosing the Add button on the Program window, the user should choose Delete or Edit. Once the Program has been changed, it will be saved when the user clicks OK.

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