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ActionScript Elements Used to Make Games and Toys

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This chapter is from the book

In this chapter:

  • Lesson 15: Controlling the Playback of a Movie Clip

  • Lesson 16: Controlling the Properties of a Movie Clip

  • Lesson 17: Dragging and Dropping Movie Clips

  • Lesson 18: Movie Clips and Levels

  • Lesson 19: Duplicating Movie Clips

  • Lesson 20: Controlling Multiple Movie Clips

  • Lesson 21: Detecting Collisions

  • Lesson 22: Using Movie Clips to Change What Is On the Screen

  • Lesson 23: Accepting Keyboard Input

  • Lesson 24: Playing Sounds

Now that you have learned the basics of ActionScript, let's look at some more advanced examples. The following 10 lessons show you some techniques that will be used in the games later in this book.

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