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Unwitting Collaborators, Part 6: Wireless Insecurity

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"Wardrivers" don't need much more than a laptop, a network card, and a car to find and infiltrate wireless networks. This article explains how "wardriving" works and how to defend your company against it.
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To avoid the hassles of installing LAN lines or to hasten deployment of LANs, or even to allow for more mobility in the workplace, many organizations are installing wireless networks. These networks are being installed by organizations at a rapid rate.

Unfortunately, organizations don't see the threats posed to their network security by wireless networks, or don't understand that a wireless network should be treated as you would any other medium—using it as a transport layer only. Sending information through a wireless network potentially opens your network for the entire world to see. It's akin to sending a postcard through email and could open your network to "drive-by hacking."

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