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  1. Can I use the free Web space that communities offer but still publish a custom page built with an authoring program there?

  1. On many sites, including the AT&T WorldNet site described in this chapter, a link is provided for uploading HTML files into the Web space provided. You do have the option of foregoing the wizard, creating your page in a Web authoring program like the Composer program included with this book, and then uploading the page to the Web space.

  1. Are other wizards available to create other kinds of basic pages?

  1. My, yes! In fact, dozens of these types of tools are available. Some are wizards and work very much like the Personal Home Page wizard. Others are not strictly wizards, but you use them the same way: You fill in the blanks and make a few choices, and out pops a finished HTML file, ready for editing.

    All these tools—wizard and non—are sometimes collectively called page generators. Each builds a different kind of page, in a different style. (That's why you're smart to play around with several different ones, to discover the page generator whose output comes closest to the type and style of page you want).

    Some page generators create pages that are far more sophisticated than those created by the Personal Home Page Wizard, featuring pictures, backgrounds, forms, and more. But all page generators have one thing in common: After you use any of them, you can open the files they create in Netscape Composer and edit them to your heart's content.

    Some page generators are built into other programs; in Hour 4, you'll learn about page generators built into Microsoft Word, Publisher, and other programs. Other page generators are programs unto themselves, usually available as shareware you can download from the Web and run on your PC. Still other page generators run entirely online; only the resulting HTML file is saved on your PC, when you're done.

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