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  • For your workshop deliverables, use a combination of text and diagrammatic models.

  • Select requirements models that align with the problem domain.

  • Use multiple views and focuses.

  • Partition each requirements model into parts; group parts at the same level of detail.

  • Prioritize your expected deliverables.

  • Be realistic about how much participants can deliver.

  • Design or use templates for your requirements deliverables.

  • Provide examples or draft models for participants to use as starters.

  • Assign pre-work to participants.

  • Define doneness tests for each requirements model you plan to deliver.

  • Use multiple workshops integrating the best practices listed here (see the example in Figure 7-5).

    Figure 7-5Figure 7-5 Workshop Iterations Integrating Pre-Work, Post-Work, and QA

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