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Final Questions to Ponder

The journey to an enmeshed and integrated FP process within eSell's sales, services, and development organizations and with its partners and customers was arduous and circuitous. They succeeded only with the support and guiding hands of an executive sponsor, who had the vision and clearly saw the risks and rewards. Also instrumental was a process/technology evangelist with the drive, persistence, and expertise to execute on that vision over the long haul.

But company landscapes change, roles shift, priorities move. Is such a program entrenched sufficiently to survive if the sponsor and evangelist were removed from the equation? Is not any measurement program a young and vibrant plant that needs the constant attention, watering, and nutrients of a few dedicated individuals so it will not die on the vine? Or, is it like the forest, which tolerates the absence of the caretakers because the system is self-contained and self-sufficient? That is a question for which only the passage of time will provide an answer.

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