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In the article, several important Water concepts were introduced:

  • Creating instances of objects: <HTML>hello</HTML>

  • Setting variables: <set the_date = datetime.today />

  • Getting variables: the_date

  • Creating a reference to a local file, retrieving the contents, then executing the contents: <resource.local.file "first_program.h2o"/>.<load/>

  • How to access programs from the browser's URL: "http://water.waterlang.org/the_date"

Many of these topics were covered only very briefly. The remaining articles will cover these topics again in more depth; new features will also be introduced.

The goal of Water is to be easier to learn than Visual Basic, yet have all the power and flexibility of a language like SmallTalk or LISP. The "Learn Once, Use Everywhere" philosophy will let you solve different problems quickly with a set of consistent, powerful tools.

If you are interested in learning more about Water, visit www.waterlang.org and download the 150-page book titled "Water Programming" (880K).

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