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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Working with Other Useful Settings

The Settings app contains too many controls to go into detail on each one. It is worth taking the time to explore each section of the Settings app to see what is possible. The item to tap on the left side of the Settings app screen is listed first in each of the following bullets, followed by the items you tap on the right side. For example, in the first bullet you open the Settings app, tap General on the left side, and then tap About on the right side. When the About settings appear, tap Available to see your available storage.

  • General, About, Available: See the remaining amount of storage space you have on your iPad.

  • General, About, Version: Quickly find out which version of iOS you are using.

  • General, About, Model: Get the model number of your iPad. This could come in handy if you ever need to figure out if an accessory will work with your specific model.

  • Control Center, Access Within Apps: If you find that you are accidentally bringing up the Control Center at the bottom of the screen while playing your favorite game, you can turn off Control Center inside apps. You can still access it by going to the Home screen first.

  • Wi-Fi, Ask to Join Networks: Regardless of whether this switch is on, your iPad looks for and connects to any Wi-Fi network you have previously signed on to. If you switch this setting on and the iPad can’t find any familiar network, you see a dialog asking if you want to join the strongest network it can find. Because you don’t want to join networks you don’t know or trust, leave this setting off and simply go to the Wi-Fi settings to join a new network.

  • General, Spotlight Search: Here you can turn on and off different types of content you see when you search the contents of your iPad. You can also set the order by dragging the items in the list up or down.

  • General, Reset: Here is a set of potentially dangerous switches that allow you to erase your settings and content. If you ever decide that your iPad’s Home screens are too disorganized, you can use the Reset Home Screen Layout to move the Apple default apps back to their original positions and your other apps out of folders into alphabetical order starting on screen two. The other reset options should be used only if you understand their end result.

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