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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Setting Alert Sounds

Your iPad can be a noisy device with various events that trigger alert sounds. Just typing on the on-screen keyboard can produce a series of clicks. Here’s how to adjust your iPad’s sound settings.

  1. Tap the Settings icon on your Home screen (not shown) to launch the Settings app. Then, tap Sounds from the list of settings on the left.

  2. Adjust the volume of system sounds, like FaceTime ringtones and notification alerts. This does not affect the volume of music or video.

  3. When this is turned on, the volume in step 2 can be changed by using the buttons on the side of the iPad. If you turn this off, you can still use the buttons to adjust the volume of music and video when those are playing; otherwise, the side volume controls won’t affect the system sound volume.

  4. Tap any of these settings to set the sound that plays when an event occurs. You can choose ringtones, alert tones, or custom tones for any of the events. Ringtone refers to FaceTime calls and Text Tone refers to the Messages app.

  5. Switch Keyboard Clicks on or off.

  6. Switch the Lock Sounds on or off. When this setting is on, a sound plays when you unlock the Lock screen.

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