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The Goal

The goal of this solution is to allow content contributors working in Microsoft Word to create a new web page and link their document to that page—all without ever having to leave Word. Behind the scenes, CMS will handle all of the details.

To meet our goal (in 1500 words or less), we're going to define a modest feature set for our solution:

  1. The user will click a button from within Microsoft Word to post the current document to the web.

  2. The interface that appears will ask for a description of the document, if one doesn't already exist in the "comments" document property (found by choosing File, Properties in Word). By using this native Word functionality, we hope to make contribution easier on the user.

  3. Once the user enters the description, he or she will click the OK button to start the upload/creation process.

  4. Using a web interface, the user will be prompted to provide description, document name, and path. Behind the scenes, the application will impersonate a CMS generic author to create the post.

  5. Using a predetermined template and channel location, a posting will be created and our document will be attached to it.

  6. The new posting will be submitted for approval.

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