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Five Ways to Create Value

As Talent, you can create value in five ways, discussed in the following sections.

Make Sure Your Idea Is Unique, Authentic, and Genuine

Explore the genuineness before you implement the idea. You may have a phenomenal idea, but you don't know whether somebody has already done it or not. For example, when Amazon.com came up with the idea to sell books over the Internet, Barnes & Noble and Borders thought, "This is a good idea." So, they started BN.com and Borders.com. They have had some success but not even close to that of Amazon.

Expose the Idea to the Right People and Involve Those People Intensely

If you have a phenomenal idea, you have to select and involve the right people intensely in implementing your idea. You may need financial help to carry the idea off. You may need the endorsement of key players in the industry, or you may need to gather customers. Regardless, you want influential people to back your idea and a passionate team to implement it.

Ensure That All Information Is Adequate, Accurate, and Free Flowing at All Levels

Management should create an atmosphere that ensures that adequate and accurate information flows freely and fearlessly up, down, and sideways to facilitate the implementation of ideas. If information is held back, or there is lack of commitment, or misunderstandings of goals, then the project will fail.

Provide the Right Resources to People Involved

You may have a phenomenal idea, but if you cannot provide the right resources to the right people, then your idea will never be implemented. Provide the resources to make the product or service the best it can be. Don't take shortcuts that sacrifice a passion for excellence in order to save a few bucks.

Expect Something Unexpected; Many Failures, Surprises, and Setbacks Will Come, So Learn from These

"To invent something, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk," said Thomas Edison. It took Edison thousands of tries to get the electric light bulb to work. He knew that he would get it if he persevered. The movie Titanic was far behind schedule and incredibly over budget. If it had flopped at the box office, Viacom would have been headed for disaster. But Viacom managed to do it right; the rest is history.

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