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Programming with Regular Expressions in C#

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Visual Basic expert Paul Kimmel demonstrates how to use regular C# expressions to emit dynamic assemblies containing regular expressions and how to save time and programming effort.
Paul Kimmel is the author of The Visual Basic .NET Developer’s Book (Addison-Wesley, scheduled for publication Fall 2002, ISBN 0-672-32407-5).
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Writers have several jobs. Sometimes a writer introduces a new subject. Sometimes a writer tries to persuade. And sometimes a writer demonstrates advanced subject matter on a known topic. Occasionally writers entertain, but seldom do technical writers entertain. It's just too much to ask. (That bit of sarcasm was my attempt at humor.)

In this article I want to introduce a topic that may be completely new to you: regular expressions. If you've already heard about regular expressions, I want to persuade you to consider using this technique. If you already use regular expressions, I want you to believe that I'm going to show you an advanced application of regular expressions. And if you just love technology, you'll be entertained. InformIT is making it possible for you to be educated, courted, and amused—all in one article.

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