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Compiz Config Settings Manager

Compiz Config Settings Manager is a configuration tool for Compiz with which you may want to become familiar. To get started with the Compiz Config Settings Manager, you will need to install it from the GNOME Software Center, launch it from the Launcher by clicking the Super key to bring up the Dash, and type “Compiz.” Click on the Compiz Config Settings Manager icon to launch this tool. The first time you open this manager, you will get a warning (Figure 5-15). Although it is an incredible tool, Compiz Config Settings Manager is not as forgiving as the Appearance and Unity Tweak tools. Users are cautioned to use Compiz (Figure 5-16) with care, as you may end up with an unusable desktop if you make too many errors.

Figure 5-15

Figure 5-15 Compiz Config Settings Manager warning

Figure 5-16

Figure 5-16 Compiz Config Settings Manager main view

When you open Compiz Config Settings Manager, you’ll notice that some of the categories have the boxes beside them checked. This is because those areas have been integrated with the Unity desktop.

Let’s take a closer look at the features offered with Compiz Config Settings Manager.

In the upper-left corner of the Main view, you’ll notice a search box (Figure 5-17). It can be used for quick and easy filtering of the plug-ins list using the text you type in the search box. The search box can also be used like a filter for the options on various plug-in pages.

Figure 5-17

Figure 5-17 Compiz Config Settings Manager search box

The Advanced Search button at the lower-left corner of the Main view (as seen in Figure 5-18) allows you to filter through all the options of all the plug-ins. Please note this may take a while to load. Advanced Search allows you to search by name, long description, and the values you have set. Once you have a list, you can click on the plug-in and see which groups contain the option you searched for.

Figure 5-18

Figure 5-18 Compiz Config Settings Manager General category

The plug-ins for the Compiz Config Settings Manager are divided into eight categories:

  1. General: Contains the core plug-ins (Figure 5-18).

  2. Accessibility: Contains plug-ins to make the desktop easier to use, especially for those individuals who have a reading or viewing disability (Figure 5-19). The Enhanced Zoom plug-in magnifies the whole screen on demand.

    Figure 5-19

    Figure 5-19 Compiz Config Settings Manager Accessibility category

  3. Desktop: Contains plug-ins to configure how the desktop behaves (Figure 5-20).

    Figure 5-20

    Figure 5-20 Compiz Config Settings Manager Desktop category

  4. Effects: Contains plug-ins to configure various animations and effects, such as Fading Windows (Figure 5-21).

    Figure 5-21

    Figure 5-21 Compiz Config Settings Manager Effects category

  5. Extras: Contains plug-ins that serve a minor or ambiance purpose like annotate.

  6. Image Loading: Contains plug-ins that allow various image formats to be loaded (Figure 5-22).

    Figure 5-22

    Figure 5-22 Compiz Config Settings Manager Image Loading category

  7. Utility: Contains plug-ins that provide internal functionality like Regex Matching (Figure 5-23).

    Figure 5-23

    Figure 5-23 Compiz Config Settings Manager Utility category

  8. Window Management: Contains plug-ins that provide basic to advanced window treatment functionality, like moving windows (Figure 5-24).

    Figure 5-24

    Figure 5-24 Compiz Config Settings Manager Window Management category

To become more familiar with Compiz and the Compiz Config Settings Manager, go to www.compiz.org.

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