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More Information About JFFS2

The Journaling Flash File System was originally developed by Axis Communications in Sweden, and is still actively developed by the company. You can get more information about JFFS, as well as its source code, from http://developer.axis.com/software/jffs. JFFS2, though based on JFFS, is now being developed by Red Hat. The primary site for JFFS2 is at http://sources.redhat.com/jffs2, although a good overview presentation about JFFS2 is available at http://sources.redhat.com/jffs2/jffs2-html. If you're interested in general information about Linux in embedded systems, the best site on the Web is the Linux Devices Web site at http://www.linuxdevices.com. For specific information about using Linux on a variety of embedded boards, see http://www.timesys.com.

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