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Using SMC Tools

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Opening a Toolbox

By default, the toolbox for the local server is loaded unless you specify a different toolbox as the default in the SMC Preferences window. See "Console Preferences" on page 20 for information on changing the default toolbox.

You can load a new toolbox at any time if you have the appropriate rights or role for that toolbox. See Chapter 4, "SMC Toolbox Editor," for information on how to create custom toolboxes.

Server Toolbox

To open a new toolbox, from the Console menu, choose Open Toolbox. The Open Toolbox window is displayed with the Server Toolbox tab in front, as shown in Figure 23.

Figure 23Figure 23 Open Toolbox Window: Server Toolbox Tab

Use the following steps to open a toolbox on a different server.

  1. Type the name of the toolbox in the top text field, or choose the name of a server from the drop-down menu to the left of the text field.

  2. Click on the Load button to load the toolboxes from the specified server.

    If the SMC server is not already running on the specified server, the SMC server is started automatically and the toolboxes on the specified server are displayed in the Toolboxes text field.

  3. Click on the toolbox you want to open.

    Alternatively, you can type the URL for the toolbox in the URL text field. Using the URL text field enables you to load an unregistered toolbox.

  4. Click on the Open button.

    The Open Toolbox window is closed. Depending on your Preferences setting, either the toolbox is opened in the SMC Console window or the Log In window is displayed on top of the Console.

Local Toolbox

To open a local toolbox, after opening the Open Toolbox window from the Console menu by choosing Open Toolbox, click on the Local Toolbox tab. The Local Toolbox tab is displayed, as shown in Figure 24.

Figure 24Figure 24 Open Toolbox Window: Local Toolbox Tab

The folders and toolboxes in the current folder are listed with the folders first, then toolboxes. Toolbox files have a .tbx suffix. In the example shown in Figure 24, the directories are in the user's home directory and no toolboxes are located in this directory.

By default, toolboxes are located in the /var/sadm/smc/toolboxes directory. To change to that directory, from the Look for menu, choose the root directory. Then double-click on the var folder, the sadm folder, the smc folder, and the toolboxes folder. The toolboxes for the local system are displayed, as shown in Figure 25.

Figure 25Figure 25 Open Toolbox Window: Local Toolboxes

Click on the toolbox you want to load. The file name and description are displayed in the Local Toolbox tab. To open the toolbox, click on the Open button.

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