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Overview of a Usability Testing Process

An in-depth explanation of the overall process for usability testing VoiceXML code prototypes, betas, or deployed products is beyond the scope of this book. If you need more detailed information, try these books:

  • Usability Engineering, by Jakob Nielsen (Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, 1994)

  • Usability Inspection Methods, edited by Jakob Nielsen and Robert L. Mack (Wiley & Sons, 1994)

  • A Practical Guide to Usability Testing, by Joseph S. Dumas and Janice C. Redish (Intellect, 1999)

High-level activities associated with usability testing include the following:

  • Identify user group characteristics used to select test subjects and required number of test subjects per user group.

  • Identify tasks and functions to test.

  • Identify test site requirements.

  • Develop materials used to validate test subjects, release forms, and debriefing surveys.

  • Develop the test scenarios.

  • Test the usability test.

  • Recruit test subjects.

  • Conduct usability tests.

  • Evaluate test results and develop a resolution plan.

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