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Designing E-Business Web Sites - Part 2 of 2: Designing for a Specific Audience

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In the conclusion of his two-part series on web site design, Megh Thakkar explains three types of web site users and how you can plan your site design and features to cater to your typical customer.
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Part 1 of this series, "Designing for Success," discussed a number of tips that can be useful in making an e-business web site successful. Because web commerce can have various types of users and it's very difficult to cater to all types, you should understand the profile of the majority of your audience and design to satisfy their needs. Three types of users are very common in e-commerce:

  • Browsing users are unsure of what they want.

  • Evaluators know what they're looking for, but haven't made up their minds.

  • Regular users know exactly what they want, and need to perform their transactions quickly and safely.

This article focuses on the needs of these specific audiences.

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